Friday, November 20, 2009

20 Random Things About Me, If You Care Or Are Bored...

1) Sorry to start with the negative: I hate winter. I don’t just dislike it, I DETEST it. I’m going off to the desert when I (ha ha) retire. The low desert, where there’s no chance of snow.

2) I am a germaphobe. I wash my hands about 10 times a day. I have been known to spray the bottom of my purse with Lysol. (Think of the places you set your purse down, for Pete's sake.) I have been known to flush out my eyes with warm water if I have mistakenly rubbed my eyes before I’ve had a chance to wash my hands.

3) I cry more at weddings than at funerals.

4) I used to be afraid of dogs until I met my friend’s German shorthaired pointer named Remy. Remy was a wonderful dog. Now, I dog sit for a friend who has three pit bulls and they sleep with me. One snores.

5) I had an idyllic, fairy-tale childhood. My brother will tell you the same thing. We lived in a house with a big yard full of flowers on a street where there were lots of kids, and our aunt and uncle lived with us and shared in raising us. Kind of like a combination of Leave It To Beaver and the Andy Griffith Show.

I will say I had a lot of ear infections and consequently a lot of antibiotics that stained the enamel of my teeth (they were doing ear tubes for fighter pilots but not for kids yet). Also, a childhood like that leads you to believe your adult life will also be idyllic, which of course is not true. Other than that I have no complaints. I think I had the best childhood of anyone I have ever known (so far at least).

6) I still want a pony though.

7) Believe it or not my favorite color is pink.

8) I am by no means a world traveler, but I have taken off from and/or landed at more than 30 airports. So far.

9) I was arrested for speeding more than once.

10) The biggest regret in my life is that I didn’t have a baby. Sadly, I never found the right guy to have kids with. Certainly not for lack of trying, but you should have seen some of the winners I went with. (Are you listening, career gals? Let’s get going! Do it alone if you have to! Don’t end up like me!)

11) Sometimes I go down cellar for no particular reason and I just sit on an old chair and look around. I look at the oil tank, the work shelves, the deep sink. Maybe it's something to do with being under the earth? I find it calming.

12) Easter is my favorite holiday. Spring!!! But I really have a good time on Halloween too.

13) I despise rhubarb, asparagus and beets. Unfortunately, I do love lasagna, ice cream, pancakes, and…well…okay, Pop Tarts.

14) I have been to the very top of the World Trade Center. And taken photos from it.

15) I do not care for wine.

16) I find the study of the old religions - Native American, Celtic and Norse mythology, pagan celebratory events, Mexico's Day of the Dead - so fascinating I could read about them seven days a week.

17) I have been up in a helicopter - thankfully not Lifestar. (Awesome.)

18) I am one-half Scottish, 1/4 Norwegian and 1/4 Italian.

19) I have my nose pierced, and I plan on getting a tattoo of a thistle when I can decide where I want it.

20) I LOVE to vacuum!

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